Dubai Airport

Requirements for higher performance leads to order

At the Airport Show in Dubai (29.04. – 01.05.2019) Smets Technology was awarded with a contract from Dubai Airport for an Airport Runway Cleaning Truck (ARC 3000) for outstanding rubber removal performances at this busy airport. Dubai Airport currently operates 6 systems from an American supplier, but the requirements for higher performance led to the order placed with Smets. The frequency at this airport is increasing and the time for cleaning operations is limited.


Reliable performance over many years

12 year old Airport Runway Cleaner ARC1000® sold to a large service provider in Thailand. The device, which had been stationed in Kuwait for the past 9 years, was overhauled and handed over to the new customer with a 12-month warranty.

Even older Airport Runway Cleaners are still in use in Vietnam and Indonesia.


Cooperation with NOVATECH

A strong partnership was established between NOVATECH in Thailand and Smets Technology in Germany, starting with the production of 3 special vehicles – ARC 1500/1600® for three major airports in India. This new partnership and factory opens the door to markets in the Far East and systems based on Asian chassis.