Our systems work environmentally friendly and gently on large surfaces only with water without the addition of chemicals and/or abrasive additives. They consume the lowest water quantity per treated m² and create the lowest stress to the surface.

Our know-how acquired over decades enables us to use the power of water under maximum pressure effectively to remove rubber, soiling, paint or deposits. Extremely high speed of more than 400 km/h allows the gentlest treatment of the surfaces. The high speed produces drops that bounce on the surface. This creates the necessary energy to remove coatings, but no volume, as in a slow,
constant stream of water, to fill cracks or voids, causing breakouts and severe damage.

Road Marking Removal MRT 300/2 by SMETS Technology in operation. Dubai
MRT 300/2 in operation. Dubai (UAE)

Our systems are compact (2-, 3- or 4-axle trucks). There is no need to pre-equip or retrofit to carry out work. Every construction site can be left within 10 seconds without leaving any debris or standing water.

A strong, maintenance-free suction fan with a hardened impeller ensures an extremely high air velocity and a large air volume (15,000 m³/h) and guarantees that no undissolved substances remain on the worked area.

High-performance high-pressure pumps from well-known manufacturers are used, which generate working pressures of up to 3,000 bar.

Our unique control system does not allow the unit to be damaged by incorrect operation. If the operator adjusts the control system correctly, this also prevents damage to the surface to be processed.

The entire system is controlled and monitored via a 12“ flat screen with touchscreen function.

Fault messages are displayed YELLOW in a early warning stage and after touching the warning message on the display, the operator receives clear instructions in national language on what to do to remedy the warning.

If the early warning stage is ignored, for whatever reason, the system will switch to the warning level RED for critical values and will be deactivated.

Airport Runway Cleaner ARC 1500® by SMETS Technology
ARC 1500®
Cleaning device
Cleaning device


All systems are supplied with an optional marking removal device (working widths from 150 to 360 mm).

Professional tool set in tool trolley (including special pump tool).

4 years warranty on our superstructure (except high-pressure pump and chassis).

All systems are equipped with a radio remote control for opening/closing/locking and unlocking the tailgate and for tilting the tank.

If a hand cleaner MCD 360 is ordered, the wireless remote control will be extended to a 10-channel system. The MCD 360 handset can be remotely controlled by one person alone (pressure ON/OFF and pressure UP/DOWN).

VA hose reel with high-pressure hose and special washing nozzle fed by the booster pump.

10 days training at the end customer’s premises.

Retexturing and Road Line Removal Truck ARC 2400® by SMETS Technology in yellow


  • Hand cleaner MCD 360 controlled by wireless remote control
  • Fire extinguisher with console and installation box
  • Front-mounted marking removal device, 360mm, slidable and swingable over the entire vehicle width
  • Additional construction of a walk-in workshop between tank and driver’s cabin
  • Permanent magnet mounted under the front of the vehicle – controlled from driver’s cabin
  • Water recycling – partly possible until critical temperatures are reached
  • Additional high-pressure washing device with a second high-pressure pump and capacities of up to 200 bar and 30 l /min. System complete with VA hose reel, hose and gun
  • Sweeping and suction gear unit mounted on the opposite side of the cleaner
  • Rear grit suction and washing unit up to 200 bar. High pressure washing with simultaneous complete suction (cleaning down to the pores).
  • Rear suction hose DN 200 with pneumatically supported extension arm
  • Line Laser
  • Larger tanks